Lyrics - editing in bulk.

• Feb 19, 2013 - 05:02

I've imported an arrangement ( from a .cap file - nice job MuseScore!) for SATB but the lyrics are different from what I want. In fact, I need to change all the lyrics.

So - is there a way to select all the Verse 1 lyrics and then type, replacing the old with new? Then do the same for Verse 2?

Is there a way to type the lyrics in a block, then "click assign" or something (Yeah, I've used Finale and Sib but not well...) to place the lyrics appropriately?

This is a great package so far - I understand that it's still being developed and am really looking forward to subsequent releases.

Many thanx for all the work.



Right click on a lyrics element, select -> Select similar element. Lyrics should turn blue. Press Del. Lyrics should be gone.
Then enter the lyrics you want. See Lyrics

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