Looking for certain instrument SoundFonts

• May 15, 2017 - 02:52

I am looking for SoundFonts for these following instruments, if you could reply with links it is well appreciated!

•Bass Clarinet (The one I'm using now cant hold long notes)

•Alto Saxophone (My current one, when playing long notes becomes very shaky)

•Tenor Saxophone

•Trombone (Am using the default at the moment)

•Trumpet (Also using default)

•French Horn (Default)

•Euphonium (I'd especially like one for the Euph because I'm using a Tuba SF)



I have all of the instruments you are looking for. For the Bass Clarinet, I found that my clarinet sound works really well. The same goes for the Euphonium and my tuba sound, although it is probably different from your tuba, so it will give a good contrast. Anyways, here is the link.


I also Included a sample of some of the brass instruments

Also, here is a link to a score on my MuseScore profile that shows all of these and more.

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