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Every now and then, when I am trying to save my score after adding a change, a window pops up saying:
"Renaming temp.file failed: Result too large". The only way I can avoid this issue appearing is by manually saving it as the same score over and over again (File > Save As > [saves it in the exact same location where I originally save the score file]).

On top of this, I have also received a message saying that the score I am trying to save is "locked" and I need to save the score elsewhere. I've had to use the same solution as aforementioned whenever I encounter this problem. Is there a way this can be fixed?

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Hi Jojo-Schmitz,

All of my disks have plenty of space left. I also said that I can still save my score, I just have to work around the frequent messages that are preventing me from saving. The fact is I'm actually saving every time I add or change something, regardless of how minor or major it is. Even the smallest change on the score will trigger the message. I don't think disk space is a factor.

I know it's a different context but for information purpose I experiment the exact same message box trying to save, after removing the folder write acces (RO), the score loads but neither save or save as works.

It would be a workaround to open scores in readonly mode, that I thought it was possible with templates as libreoffice does, but in facts no.

[Edit], the score loads but neither save or save as "in this folder", works.

I have sneaky suspicion this is somehow related to files with thousands of incomplete hairpins. Would it be possible to upload the last successful save on one of your files before you got an error?


I now no longer have access to my own score. Every time I try and open it, it comes up with the message: "Cannot read file: Access is denied."

I don't understand why any of this happening! I've put so much effort into this composition of mine and I don't want to rewrite it all again. I also don't have any backup files for it, so it makes the scenario more difficult.

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So it does seem to boild down to permissions, one of the reasons I asked for the OS.
Seems for some reason you (or rather: your account in that computer) lost the permission to read and (and probably write, hence your temp file problem) these files.
No need to rewrite, just get the permissions and ownerships of these files set properly.

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Hi Jojo-Schmitz,

Sorry I disregarded the relevancy of the OS. I actually found the solution to a similar problem I had months ago, which did boil down to permissions. But after trying to find my music file, it is deleted. And I don't know how to recover it.

I also want to say thank you for your patience and your swift replies. It's great to have someone to help.

I just encountered this issue and was able to resolve it. It doesn't appear that this has been resolved so I thought I'd provide info on how I was able to resolve it.
In my case it was Bitdefender's Ransomeware software that was preventing the application from saving to the folder I wanted to save it in. The link below shows you how to override this for specific applications.…
I have also included some Bitdefender screen images to show how I fixed this.
On image 1 click Web Features (middle of the window to the right)
On image 2 click Application Access (under Safe Files)
On image 3 - the entry for musescore was already there when I first opened this so all I had to do was to click the switch that was showing Blocked to change it to Allowed.
After doing the above I was able to save new and changed musescore files in any folder.

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