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• May 12, 2017 - 03:54

Although it is possible to hid an instruments staff through "Style > Edit Style > Score and add a check mark next to "Hide Empty Staves"."

I ask if it is possible to hide only one staff line until it is used for example a third piano bass stave which isn't used until the end in a concerto styled orchestration. However keeping even instruments not being used all the time still visible on the conductors score.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks.


A similar question: I have a score where students are supposed to write 4 measures of music for a wind quintet on the first page, followed by 12 measures of music for choir on the second. How can I setup the score so all the wind quintet staves (i.e. also the empty ones) are visible on the first page but not the voice, and on the second page vice versa? I made a score like this a while ago, but now I can't seem to recall the steps involved. The score should look like the attached pdf.
EDIT: I notice the voice part is actually a piano part, but anyways :-)


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Probably the most straightforward way in general is to plant an invisible note or otherwise innocuous marking (some people use a staff text element white) on some measure of the staff you want to remain visible. Ideally we'd have a built-in element just for this purpose.

In this particular case, you can probably get the desired result by setting the choir staves to belong to the same instrument as opposed to two separate instruments as it appears to be here (since I see two staff names), then using Staff/Part Properties to set "Hide when empty" to "Instrument". Then that instrument won't appear on the first page since it is empty, but will appear on the second. Then also set "Hide empty staves" globally in the style settings, and keep the option to not hide them on the first system. That should produce exactly this, but it won't necessarily work if you later have another page for the full ensemble.

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Thanks Marc! For some reason, the latter solution you suggested did not work, despite changing the choir staves so they belonged to the same instrument - not quite sure why. The first, general solution, on the other hand, did indeed work. It's so good to have this forum to ask for help when you've spent hours trying to figure out what to do! :-)

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Great! What went wrong when you tried the other approach? If you attach your score, we can help figure out why your first attempt didn't work. it should have, but again, it's really something that is very specific to that particular example and probably wouldn't be viable in other cases, so might not be worth the trouble except as a learning exercise in how these options work, for future reference.

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