Tuplet across barline

• Jan 30, 2013 - 19:04
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I don't seem to be able to make a tuplet across a bar line. I was trying to make a quartuplet (4:3) over the two last beats of the first bar and into the first beat of the next bar. But the software will automatically assume that the tuplet should end in the same bar. There may be ways around it, but I'd rather that it just worked.


Well, it's kind of non-standard (if not uncommon) notation, so I'd disagree it should "just work" - it *should* require explicit action to put the wrong number of beats in a bar, which is what would really be happening doing here. So I don't consider the current behavior a "bug", but would certainly welcome a new feature that made it easier to create this somewhat non-standard (but not uncommon) notation.

Generally, it is best to use the forum first to discuss how new features should work before opening an issue in the tracker. So I'd suggest opening a discussion in the forum to discuss how this new featuyre might work, and once you have a more concrete proposal, then come back here and post it.

In that forum thread, we could also discuss the vatrious different ways that already exist to allow you to accomplish this.

Thanks for your answer Mark, I do think some of your comment calls for a debate, but all the same, let's move it to the forum

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In v4, the extended barline down to the next stave does not intersect at the correct point. In the example attached, the barline should appear between the tied G's. Any attempt to adjust positions of elements by offsets just causes a cascade of problems to the right of the intended bar line position.

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