Regression: Cannot enter rests via mouse on drum staves

• May 11, 2017 - 14:30
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I can't add a rest to my old scores, after I have update it to 2.1. When you try to add a rest, by tab "N", select a note, and then set it, to be a rest, I can't insert it in my score. And it doesn't work either, if I make a new score.
I have tried to re-save my old score, and tried to copy my old score over to at new score, but nothing works.

I uses Battery Percussion, or what was called, "Marching Percussion", before the update I think, and I think the bug only appears here. It works fine with other instrument, like piccolo.


Please share the score with exact steps to reproduce.

In General you don't add rests, if there is a note alreads, you delete the note and it'll turn into a rest. No matter which version of MuseScore you currently use or once used to create a score.
But selecting a note, pressing "N", then "0" too replaces that note with a rest of the same length.

Drum entry might be a different thing though

Title Problem with rest in old scores Cannot enter rests via mouse on drum staves.
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I'm guessing you are attempting to enter a rest by clicking in your score with the mouse? This doesn't work for drum input. Instead, use the keyboard to enter rests - press "0" to enter a rest of the currently-selected duration. This has nothing to do with old versus new scores, but it is different from 2.0.3, and I don't think it was intentional.

Hi Marc
I have the same issue
Before version 2.1 I could use a mouse click on the rest button to put a rest on the stave
I.e click on the note value (say a quaver) then the rest button and a quaver rest would appear when I clicked on the stave
I have never had to use the keyboard, but done everything by mouse clicks
Is there anyway to reload version 2 (before the update)?
Thanks Pete

But I strongly recommend against it. For one thing, entering rests by keyboard is actually a lot easier than mouse - just press 0 instead of first clicking the rest icon and then clicking on the score and then clicking the rest icon yet again. And 2.1 fixes tons of bugs and adds quite a few useful new features. So reverting to 2.0 actually is a pretty big step backwards.

The problem is definitely with this fix:…

It does address the problem it was supposed to address (#112431: Crash in note entry mode in drumset, but unfortunately also has this side effect.

Master, as mentioned, doesn't actually crash - it just adds the requested note despite the rest icon being selected. This is the same behavior as standard staves, so I'd propose reverting* this commit and then addressing the crash differently - by making sure we set a valid pitch.

*We probably can't literally revert because the code in question has moved from edit.cpp to noteentry.cpp