Fermatas don't work during Playback!

• May 7, 2017 - 14:18

Is there any reason why each Fermata in MuseScore don't work at all? I mean, really? I know that humans play instruments, and they see fermatas in some compositions and they used this articulation, but NOT in the MuseScore Playback.

Here's an example of an .mscz attachment file of my revised Full Symphony Version of Pachelbel's Canon in D Major. At the end of the last note, there is a Very Long Fermata in each of the instruments, but the fermata is some how not working. Also, I've used the Dynamic with ffffffs, because I wanted it to be that way when I'm writing Orchestral Music like this. Because why do they end some beautiful songs softly? I do NOT like that. I like it when Orchestras end pieces with a Very Long Fermata at the end of a note, and ffffff, meaning Really Really Really Really Really Really LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me know what you think about all of this and give me answers about how to fix the Fermata issue.


Fermatas actually do work, unlike some things that are only ornamental in MuseScore. Select the fermata and indicate the time stretch you want. Putting different time stretches on different instruments will five you unpredictable results. You only need to select one fermata per measure. If a note normally takes 4 beats a time stretch of 2 will cause it to take 8 beats.

fff sets velocity to 126 already and it doesn't go higher than the 127 the ffff, fffff anf ffffff set it to

With regards to fermatas: maybe we should set better defaults for the strech value than "1.0" (AKA none), and different ones for the different types of fermatas

Realize that "ffffff" generally is not used in published music except for a few isolated cases. Most musicians already play at their maximum volume when they see "fff" - at least, the maximum volume they can play with any decent sound quality. Showing more f's might make them make bad scream noises through their instruments rather than normal sounds, and occasionally markings like "ffffff" are used to achieve that effect. But if you simply want maximum "normal" volume, simply use "fff".

You need to dictate how long the fermata holds. (You select it and type in how long it should hold under "time stretch" in the Inspector [F8].)

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