Bug with gliss?

• May 7, 2017 - 01:51

The gliss is making my measure be weird. Look at the pictures and the file. (Harp/Marimba part, mm 70)


That is strange. Almost nothing I do fixes it. I disabled multimeasure rests. the result was better, but you can see the rest in measure 70 is still moved to left, but no where near as much. There is also a fake measure at the end of the line that starts with measure 52. Also the line that starts with 101 is weird.

Basically if the glissando has a line break, it drags the line where it ends to the left and causes distortions.

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This is due to the layout when glissandos spanning two measures are crossed by a line break (or, here, by extending on two systems), and preceded by multimeasure rests.
It's harmless.
From scratch:
1) Load this file: HARP.mscz
2) View Part
3) Append measures eg by pressing Ctrl + B a dozen times

Result: You can see that gradually the multimeasure rest break passes through the previous barline.

Cut the glissando solves this (but it's not the goal!)
So, the solution is simply to stretch the measure containing the end of the glissando (or the next measure in your score). Via shorcuts or in Measure properties (Layout strech: value increased to 3 or more, depending on the context)

There was the same display in measures 97 and 130. I see the same behaviour in the previous versions, 2.0.3, 2.0.2 and so on. So, no reason to really worry about that. Increase the stretch layout, that's all.

You score now: 1) NOAH'S ARK FULL.mscz

For the extra barline in measure 54, this is not corruption. It is possible that this has a more or less close origin. I have not yet had time to take a closer look.
This is solved by recreating the parts (also simply by cutting these barlines). To be deepened though.

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