File corruption (musescore crashes upon opening particular file)

• Jan 12, 2013 - 13:51


I have a submission coming up extremely soon and to my horror, i was doing some input when musescore crashed. This happens quite often so i just reopen it, only to find that this particular file i'm working on MAKES musescore crash. I have no problem opening any other file. I've also tried opening it using nightly and it crashes nightly too. Can someone please help?? I've attached the file called 'tap' below.

Thank you!!

* I'm using musescore version 1.2, and on a Lion Mac OSX 10.7.5!

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tap.mscz 15.31 KB


Hi ikkinique -

There was something wrong with a tuplet in the left hand of the marimba in measure 14. I've removed it, so the file opens now.

If you use tuplets, it's a good idea to save your file (with a different name) fairly often, as tuplets have some issues in MuseScore 1.2.

Good luck with your submission! I like the piece.


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tap-fixed.mscz 15.33 KB

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