No playback during "note entry mode" when entering notes via MIDI keyboard

• Jan 10, 2013 - 07:30
S4 - Minor

Notes entered from the MIDI keyboard are played only if not in "note entry mode". There is no reason why they shouldn't be played in "note entry mode", too.


I may look into this, but I need some more info on the design side.

This is my setup: digital piano --[MIDI out / USB in]--> laptop --[headphones out / AUX in]--> digital piano.

While not in note entry mode, notes in 1.2 are played with a bit of delay and soon go out of sync (I press a key on the piano and another, probably previous, note is played from the piano speakers). The delay can be reasonable though - I'm not an expert of digital audio, so thing could be fine in every piece here was hardware or with a more correct setup.

On 2.0-2ec2c65, if there's no score, no note is played; after a score is in, notes seem to play correctly, with a bit of delay, but do not go out of sync.

Another issue, however, is that, at least with the "Piano" instrument, the note length isn't held for the right length, but the sequencer is started with a default duration, and MIDI messages that turn off a note are ultimately discarded, instead of arriving to the midi input queue.
This may be fine as it is, since in note entry mode, note correctness is more important than play correctness.