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• May 4, 2017 - 22:58

Hello everybody

My OS is Linux Mint 18 (based on Ubuntu 16.04 xenial) and I would like to know, about when the community packages for version 2.1 will be ready. I have already installed mscore-stable PPA in my system and I would like to update via this PPA.
So far i use the AppImage, but I have some issues with it (e.g synthesizer appears greyed, and thus I have no sound, also some components do not fit well inside their windows (Mixer), and Preferences are permanently saved but have no effect when loaded after restarting musescore...)
I know i can compile musescore from source, but this is a tedious process which requires qt 5.6 and above (which my system does not have) and anyway I would prefer the pre-compiled deb packages which I can install/uninstall easily ...

Thank you in advance!


I maintain the PPA. I will try to make a package for 16.04. I didn't think it would be possible because MuseScore 2.1 needs a module called QtWebKit which is no longer included in the latest Qt versions, but it turns out it's available in Qt 5.5 which Ubuntu 16.04 provides. Unfortunately Ubuntu 16.10 and later provide newer versions of Qt which don't have QtWebKit.

As for the AppImage, it's possible that settings from your previous MuseScore installation (from the PPA) are getting in the way. Have you tried reverting to factory settings via the Help menu, or running:

MuseScore*.AppImage -F

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Thank you for your reply!

No I haven't try MuseScore*.AppImage -F but I have try resetting the Preferences in 2.1 to the defaults and restarting musescore (it didn't work) and finally I erased the musescore configuration inside the ~/.config directory (same problems). These actions also prevented 2.0.3 of functioning correctly, so I erased AppImage, reconfigured 2.0.3 and decided to wait for the updated PPA.

Again thank you for your reply and your effort

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As for the AppImage, it's possible that settings from your previous MuseScore installation (from the PPA) are getting in the way. Have you tried reverting to factory settings via the Help menu, or running:

MuseScore*.AppImage -F

MuseScore*.AppImage -F works great !!!
Thank you.

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Glad to hear it!

For anyone else trying this, it just occurred to me that you might need to add a leading "./" to the command to run the AppImage:

./MuseScore*.AppImage -F

It's also worth noting that you would have to do this fix regardless of whether you upgrade to 2.1 via AppImage or PPA. The problem is with leftover preference files, and these are always stored in the same place in $HOME regardless of how you installed MuseScore.

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Yes, this is the correct way of running an executable in Linux, adding a ./ before the filename.
Meanwhile, I cannot run both v2.0.3 and v2.1 with the same settings, without encountering issues either with the one version or the other. I still have the previous version installed, since I don't trust the new AppImage completely, yet. I was never a fan of AppImages actually and had problems with them in the past with other apps (e.g. LibreOffice later versions). Much better a well maintained PPA.

So, you can try create a PPA for Ubuntu 16.04 for now, with enabled QtWebKit and when you find more time for the later versions of Ubuntu switch off QtWebKit and retry. One thing at a time, no need to make them all at once. I appreciate your effort and hard work, and I hope and wish you have no problems with the compilation.

Thank you

The good news about Linux Mint 18 (and Ubuntu 16.04) is they are LTS releases. So by the time their license expires, within 3 years from now more or less, even Musescore 3.0 might have make it to the official repositories of the next LTS release :) (hopefully!!)


Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. With Ubuntu and many other Linux distros most applications do not get new versions in official repositories. In order to get new versions, you usually have to upgrade the entire system, or use PPAs or AppImages.

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@RexC, I think that by "next LTS release" @vasmakk was referring to Ubuntu 18.04 (and the Mint equivalent). I think (s)he knows that MuseScore 3.0 will never be in the official 16.04 repositories (except maybe as a Snap package!?).

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Nothing better than a well maintained PPA (after the official repos, of course). I use PPAs for musescore, openshot, linuxsampler e.t.c. AppImage still has some minor issues, mostly cosmetics. Any luck with this @shoogle? Im looking forward to your packages.

Best regards

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There is also a major issue with AppImage that must be taken care of. Linux 64bit 2.1 AppImage does not see JACK at all. Everything is configured properly in my system (and musescore preferences)... I use Linux mint 18.1 and I have never had any problems with JACK and 2.0.3 PPA packages. So I will stick with 2.0.3 version for now (because I use JACK a lot) until 2.1 packages become available.


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