Rhythm note input mode

• May 4, 2017 - 00:05

I really liked the new mode but there's one thing that I would really love to see with it.

In this mode it's entering the same note with the same pitch, but I wish I could hold down a note or a chord on my MIDI keyboard OR the letter (c,d,e,f,g...) and it would put this note or chord on the rhythm I set with numbers, what do you think about that?

And, also please think about tuplets, in rhythm mode it's very hard to make several similar (-3- -3- for example) tuplets in a row, because I can't set a duration equal to the tuplet, I just get straight into the tuplet...

Thank you in advance and thank you for the great work you've been doing


I agree that having a tuplet input mode would be great. Not only for rhythm input mode but normal mode as well.

As far as entering chords is concerned, it would not be advantageous to do that. The purpose of Rhythm input is to establish the rhythm then add notes or chords into the rhythm. If you had it enter a C chord for example into each rhythm, you would have to reenter each chord one note at a time if you didn't want a bunch of C chords. There are easier ways of repeating the same chord, such as assign a C chord to the first note of the run, then repeatedly press R to duplicate the chord in the next rhythm. When the chord changes you will then enter the new chord.

Since I don't have a midi keyboard, I'm not sure if you can enter a chord in normal note input mode or not. If you can't, this would be a more valuable feature to add.

A tuplet mode would indeed be nice. Meanwhile, though, there are good ways of entering consecutive tuplets already. Two of the more popular ones are:

1) first enter the rests, then select then all and hit Ctrl+3 (or whatever). So, to enter a whole bunch of eighth-note triplets, first enter quarter rests for the whole passage, then select that range and press Ctrl+3. Now you have your triplets (in rests) and you can go back and enter the pitches.


2) Enter your first tuplet normally, then select it and press "R" as many times as desired to repeat it, and use Repitch mode to replace the pitches (or enter the first one using rests, so you can enter the pitches normally).

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