How to enlarge page numbers

• May 3, 2017 - 14:47

I have seen several references to changing the POSITION of page numbers, but can't find where you change the font size of the page numbers. Can anyone help? Thanks!


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I went to Style-->General-->Header, Footer. Unfortunately, I don't see WHERE to enlarge the page numbers here. Do you have any other suggestions? I'm visually impaired and need both measure and page numbers enlarged. I also want to enlarge the Copyright line in the Footer.


R Bryan Anthony

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Hi Marc. I just ran into this issue of wanting to change the page number font size myself. I searched all through the menus and couldn’t find it. Then I searched the documentation and still couldn’t find it. Luckily I found the answer here in this thread. This is another example of how the UI could be much better. Where would a new user expect to find something like this? Why, in page format of course. Styles are usually a more advanced thing and not something a new user would usually explore until he or she wants to do something fancy like build their own templates. Page numbering however is a pretty basic thing and should be in a more obvious place, AND there is nothing wrong with having things discoverable in more than one place.

Now, forgive me. I don’t want to come across as a complainer. Please know that all of my comments along these lines are offered with an eye to making a great product even better. I only wish I knew C++ so I could volunteer to help your team. If you ever have a need for someone with VB, VFP, SQL, HTML or Fortran experience, let me know. (Yeah, I’m an old guy.)


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Everyone's notion of intuitive is different. but FWIW, "page format" in every program I can think only sets page size and margins, nothing about font sizes. Font settings are virtually always in some other location, whether called "style" or "paragraph format" or something else. But in any case, I think the whole page settings vs style distinction is getting looked at anew for MuseScore 4. The real trick isn't programming any of this, it's coming up with a good design. We have a top-notch professional designer in charge of the MuseScore 4 efforts as it is, but feel free to propose specific designs of your own for further discussion in the Development & Te4hcnology {Preview forum.

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