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• Jan 1, 2013 - 12:16

The labels on the buttons at the top of the mscore screen seem to have flown the coop. Does anyone know how to fix this?
--> See attached screenshot.
Thanks for any help.

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Try Display -> Note Input.


EDIT: On second look, I don't think that's the reason.

Can you please let us know your operating system and version, version of MuseScore, and the rest of the "usual suspects"? What were you doing just before you noticed this?



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Thank you for considering this so quickly.

My operating system is Ubuntu 10.04, and I'm running the Windows version of Musescore 1.2 in a Windows environment (cleverly called Wine in Ubuntu). I have several other Windows apps running in the same environment, as it's stable and relatively painless.

The machine has 8 gigabytes of memory and an i7 chip. Musescore ran on it in the Wine environment for a few weeks, flawlessly.

About a week ago I installed a solid-state drive so the computer would boot faster. I only loaded the operating system and application executables on the solid state drive; all the data remains on a 640 GB drive and two external drives. Boot up's gone from 2-1/2 minutes to 12 seconds. And Musescore -- which I use 6 to 8 hours a day -- works noticeably faster also.

One issue remained: For efficiency I'd loaded the stripped-down, speedy Xubuntu 12.10 on the SS drive, not realizing how inherently buggy that OS is (computer nerds love it, but I don't have the skills to keep it running). However, it did support Musescore 1.2 beautifully without recourse to the Wine environment.

But the bugs in Xubuntu finally became intolerable, so yesterday I replaced Xubuntu with Ubuntu 10.04 on the SS drive, and reinstalled all the applications. Immediately the bugs disappeared, and I got in hours of productive work on Musescore running in Wine. Then this afternoon, out of the blue, just as I was saving a file, the labels disappeared from Musescore's buttons. It's really scuttled my work, for the time being at least.

So that's the background. I'm eagerly waiting to get the buttons back and continue with the project!

Thanks again, Kent

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Musescore 1.2 only works in Ubuntu 12 and I've gone through many hoops to avoid that operating system, largely because the interface is non-intuitive and it looks horrible.

But after reading your note last night I thought about it lying in bed, and this morning replaced the operating system with Ubuntu 12.04, discovered that it was quite easy to change the stupid interface to my Old Familiar, loaded Musescore 1.2, and it's running like a dream, the sharpest image I've ever seen on the application.

There's only one small glich -- you can't open a file with File > Open..., you have to drag-and-drop from its folder. That's an absolute non-problem though.

Thanks for your simple and smart suggestion. It will save a large amount of time.


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Have you thought of switching to Ubuntu Studio?


They are not using the Unity desktop but sticking with Gnome

Apparantly they are using the XFCE UI though, so from what you are saying there may be problems.

I shall be instulling Ubuntu Studio on my Linux box later this year, so I will let you know, but I need to install a new DVD drive on it first.

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