Chord articulation editor not working

• Dec 29, 2012 - 12:00
S4 - Minor

Decided to do some work on BWV 565 today and discovered that....

1. The articulations for prall and mordent have been reversed, and so are consequently are both playing wrongly. They are also playing far too slowly.

2. The chord articulation editor is not working so this behaviour cannot be amended - you can move things around as much as you like, but when you click on OK it reverts to the original definition. You cannot enter new nodes.

Windows XP Pro SP3 MuseScore 2.0 R67cc09d

On checking back the last time this was working properly that I can find is R2d3b0b9 - 14th November build

None of the December nightly builds I have (first one is R9079e31 (10th December)) is this working.


Well they are now the wrong way round.

The prall (mordent in UK terminology) should go upwards and the mordent (lower mordent in UK terminology) should go downwards.

That would be entirely moot if the chord articulation editor hadn't been broken in the process!

Title CHord articulation editor not working Chord articulation editor not working

I am now working on this problem.

I think I have fixed problem 1. - the new build is compiling now.

The articulation editor may have broken when Werner merged some stuff some days after commit 2d727fb, as there's no way the changes in rendermidi.cpp should have affected the articulation editor.

Its work in progress. The plan is to remove the specialized editor and move the functionality into the pianoroll editor. It turns out that sometimes you need the context of other notes to do the editing. The pianoroll editor does provide this.

I'm pleased to note that there is a partial fix here - Werner has done some work on it in the last few days.

It is now possible to edit velocity and gatetime offsets here with some degree of success.

It seems to be very buggy - I have yet to use it without a crash - I haven't actually discovered exactly what is causing the crash but will report here when I do unless you guys feel I should open another issue.