Problems with playback in musescore

• Dec 26, 2012 - 21:28


I resently downloadet musscore for my new PC, but im having problems with playing what i have writt, because it laggs heavely. but if i save the files as midis or wave, i can play them with no problem. Also, if i change soundfont, it starts running normaly for a coupple of bars, then starts to lagg hevely. The same thing happens if i change back to the original soundfont.
the 2 soundfots ive been using are, "FluidR3_GM.sf2" and "TimGM6mb.sf2".

Thans for help, and sorry for my poor written english=)


Hi -

Try adjusting the reverb setting. Go to Display -> Synthesizer, then move the Rev and Cho sliders so they are not zero. This solved the problem for me.


Just a note to a developer.

As a wild guess, it may be that this is caused by a divide by zero somewhere in the code. (Stop to handle the divide by zero exception, play the note, handle another divide by zero, etc.)

Since this problem is reported a lot, it would be nice to get it fixed, if someone has time to track it down. Unfortunately, I don't have time to do it. :-(


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