workaround: 8va in tab

• Apr 28, 2017 - 12:27

Edit (18 July 2022):

Here is my current workaround for this problem.
I have included a musescore file and an mpal file.
Feel free to use them as I do not have faith the problem will be fixed.

tab 8va workaround3.mscz

The method is still the same:
Place an invisible 8 or 15 octave clef.
Add a line which does nothing to playback; make it invisible in TAB.
I no longer use 12pt italic, using symbol syntax instead.

Original post:

I haven't searched for this today, but I was excited by this.
If someone alreay posted this workaround, I apologize.
I have discovered a semi-convenient workaround for 8va lines wrongly appearing in linked tab staff.

Insert clef +/- 8 or 15 as needed; make it invisible.
Generate a generic line that does nothing to playback; make it dashed; make it invisible on tab staff.
Generate 8 or 8va in bold italic 12 pt staff text.

My last wish would be a palette item, a 8va hooked dashed line that tracks with notes, but does nothing to playback. This would make inserting this faux 8va line a little easier.


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Position it relative to the staff, then put it on the palette and it will be applied to that same relative position. You will probably need to adjust the content offset in the properties after you move it to the palette or it will probably not fit in the cell. The first time I did that it ended up on top of the item 2 lines above :(

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