Piano keyboard: custom size lost when program is closed if zoomed in/out with Ctrl + mousewheel

• Apr 26, 2017 - 14:33
Reported version

2.0.3 / Win 7/10

Open any score. View the piano keyboard (P) and make it smaller using Ctrl + mousewheel. Now exit the program. Reopen it and view the piano keyboard again:
Expected result: The piano keyboard size should be remembered.
Actual result: The piano keyboard size is reset to default.



Interestingly, if I make the piano window larger or smaller by simply dragging the window boundaries, then that window size is preserved after reboot. However, if I were to zoom in/out with the Ctrl + mousewheel, then regardless of how I set the window boundaries, upon reboot the piano window boundaries and zoom level is reset to default.

Window size is (re)stored by the SaveGeometry/RestoreGeometry calls for the window; most likely the zoom setting simply isn't included into the stored settings.

I wonder if maybe the lack of the saved zoom setting is causing RestoreGeometry to get confused by the fact that the piano keyboard size doesn't match with the window boundaries, and therefore decides the safe thing is to reset to default...

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Concerning dragging the window boundaries - I can only drag the left and the right boundaries, but not not the upper and the bottom ones. So to make the keys "bigger" I have to zoom in and out using mouse wheel+ctrl, there's no other way. I've suggested to add some keyboard shortcut for that or to make all boundaries "movable". See the link with the issue:
#272154: Make resizing of piano keyboard possible (without mouse wheel)