How to enter Diminished symbol in chord text

• Dec 10, 2012 - 19:09

Hi everyone,

I'm a novice to the program so sorry if this is really dumb question. I have tried looking through loads of threads on chord symbols but I can't find out how to get a say, C#dim7 to be written with a 'o' sign instead of 'dim. I've looked at threads to do with 'XML' styles and loads to do with triangle symbols for Maj chords but nothing that tells me how to put these symbols I being stupid? :D I will continue looking and try figure it but in case of continued dumbness can anyone help me? :)


I've just read that When entering chords through ctrl K the symbols should change when you press 'space' to next note...but that doesn't seem to work

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Hello Magnus!

Cheers for the reply :) Yeh I had a look at those but can't get those to fit in the Chord symbol, if I put a space between the C# and the 7 ( C# 7 ) for me to insert the circle it closes up when I exit the text box. In the examples of lead sheets in muse I've seen these symbols for dim and triangles for maj, I just can't figure it out... :/

This is one for MArc Sabatella who designed the chord definitione files.

I'll leave it for him to explain as I don't fully understand it myself, although I do know it depends on which chord definition file you have loaded.

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....eeeyeeah...Closed it opened it after selectin the jazz font and all the 'dim's (and other abbreviations) had turned to their symbols!! :D ha wish I tried that hours ago!
cheers guys... I'm ok now :)

Great program!! AND it's FREEEE!! which as a skint music student is bloody marvelous! ;)

See Chord name in the Handbook. Basically, there is a Style file that controls how chord are entered and rendered. Some of the styles use "dim", some use "o". You have to be using a style file that expects "o" for diminished chords. Similarly, for major chords, some styles use "ma", others "maj", others triangle. Since you mention triangles, I assume that's what you want. So that means you want to select cchords_sym. Then enter "ma" (the closest thing there is to a standard abbreviation for major) to specify you want major, and it will automatically display as a triangle. You can also edit the style file if you'd like to customize what you type to get the triangle, or change any other aspect of chord symbols.

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Cheers Marc. :) It was the Diminished symbol I was after but is good to know how to get them all :)
Is that in 'Style menu then-load style' ? The choices I have are - Jazz_lead_sheet.mss, Leadsheet.mss and Musejazz.mss. Not sure where the cchords_sym choice is, but I will study the Chord name in the handbook tomorrow, Just realised how late it is and how tired I am all of a sudden. Time flies when you're having fun! :)

Cheers Guys

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Ah ok, Cheers :) I only downloaded it about a month ago but didn't realise if I chose an old version, been looking to find out which version it is that I have but I still don't know... errm...ha
ok, when I finish the current projects I will look to upgrade and check out your tutorials. version 1.2?
Anyhoo for now,, thank you loads for your replies.

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1.2 is the current version, but if you don't see cchords_sym et al in your styles folder, then you must have a much odler version - 1.0 or earier, from one from a year and a half ago at least, I think. Can you check what version you have installed, and are you sure there are no cchords files in your styles folder?

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ah ha! right I have it! sorry mate. and cheers for spoon feeding me... ha I'm such a novice! :)
...and I know I the handbook, I've just had so much on the last 2 weeks with Uni, I have books poring off my desk I need to thank you for your help. Nice one


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I have configured my system to use cchords_sym.xml and am now getting the triangle and the small o for diminished. However, I still cannot get the slash o to appear for half-diminished chords. Can anyone please assist me? Thank you!


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FYI, for 2.0 all the stuff about different chord description files for different styles will go away. You will just be able to type what you want and it will display that way. The way you'll get the half-diminished symbol will be by typing "0" (in some fonts, the zero character dislays with a slash so it seemed a natural choice). You could if you like edit cchords_sym.xml now to allow use of "0" even in 1.3. Similarly, the trianlge will be obtained using "t" (for triangle, at least in English) or "^" which kind of looks like a triangle.

Will someone explain how to do this in 2017 please?

I push ctrl-k to enter a chord
Type 'vii'
Push F2 to open the symbols menu
Go to the chord symbol tab
Drag a O into my text
Close the symbols menu
Exit my chord text entry
The symbol vanishes

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But as explained above, this only works for actual chord symbols (eg, "Bo7"), not if you are attempting to use the chord symbol facility for some other purpses like Roman numeral analysis. If you aren't dealing with actual chord symbols, generally you shouldn't use the chord symbol facility.

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