Temporary small staff

• Dec 10, 2012 - 04:38
  • This is a support question, not a bug. I'm not understanding how to add a small, temporary staff between two staves.
    The immediate issue is that a single violin plays a harmonic over the closing measure of a movement. All the string staves are in use, so I can't borrow one of them for the solo harmonic. A solution in some scores is to insert a small staff (in this case it would be above the Violin I staff) and use it for the odd notes. The extra staff doesn't appear on the following pages unless it's needed again.
  • I'm sure that Musescore has a solution for this -- and perhaps a different way of approaching the problem -- but I haven't been able to find it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • Thanks for your help.
    Kent Smith


Hi Kent,

This is something that many people have asked for but has not yet been implemented in MuseScore.

Some people have suggested workarounds - if you do a forum search for Ossia it should pull them up.l


Ossia support would indeed be nice. I think you'll find the workarounds suggested if you do a search for that term to be be overkill for this particular case, though. Why not just add the single note in a second voice to the regular violin part?

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Often a straightforward solution, such as you suggest, seems blindingly obvious. But we're dealing with a graphical medium, not text, and there always seem to be complications that drive one crazy. For example, attached is a PDF of the last measure we've been talking about. It seems to me that it would be exceedingly difficult to add a solo violin harmonic to the Violin I part, though that would seem to be the logical thing to do.

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I don't know, what note do you want it to be? If it's above the F#, it shouldn't be a problem - just move the fermata out of the way. You could also offset it to the right.

Another possibility would be to create an ossia measure in a separate score, save it as PNG, and attach it that way.

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