Accent seems to have no effect

• Nov 24, 2012 - 04:20

I'm confused as to why the sforzato accent in Musescore seems to have no effect. The staccato works so it seems to me I am entering accents correctly but sforzato has no effect that I can hear. (Fairly new with Musescore.)


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To expand on the above:

MuseScore is a *notation* program first and foremost. It's purpose is to allow you to produce printed (or otherwise viewed) sheet music. The fact that it happens to also provide some sort of approximation of the playback is kind of a bonus, but it is not the main purpose of the program and its features in this area are limited. So the focus of development is on getting the score to render well on screen or paper, not on how it sounds when played back (although playback does get *some* attention).

So anyyhow, so far, playback of sforzato hasn't been important enough to implement compared to the notation features that are the main focus of MuseScore. But if you wish to increase the playback volume of any given note, you can do so by right clicking it and selecting Note Properties, then setting velocity to User and a number from 1-127.

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To add to Marc's comment: there are so many aspects to a notation program, and it being a notation program, playback is a secondary concern.

However, I am sure the programmers would welcome any assistance, so if you are able to program, perhaps you can contribute on that level?


I am the original poster, not the person who asked why. I assumed that that function had just not been implemented as of yet. MuseScore, like every other program in the universe, comes out with periodic updates.

So, are there any plans to implement accents in MuseScore?

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Along these lines, but more specifically as per #24246: Playback of piano notes is non-legato / #16887: Slur and phrase end notes should play at 90% length / #25259: [2.0] Staccato note duration on flute too long:

Last I heard, you had made it so for flute and piano, default gate time was 95% of nominal length, so there was an ever-so-slight break between notes. Adding a slur made it 100% (which is the default for all other instruments, and always was for all instruments in 1.3). Is this still the case?

I think maybe I can hear the difference, but it's subtle, or maybe it's even in my imagination and that isn't even there any more?

If I am not sure I can hear the difference between slur and non-slurred playback, then I guess I can't complain 95% is too short. But I definitely wouldn't want it any shorter just to make the slur more noticeable.

What do others think?

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