Changing a triplet to straight eighth notes.

• Apr 18, 2017 - 18:35

Is there anyway to change a triplet to straight eighth notes?

For example, I had a song with all eighth note triplets in the left hand. It was notated in 4/4 swing time.

Sadly, I realized it would be much better in 6 / 8 time.

However, I had to re-input all the notes. There was no way to 'extract' the triplet notes.

I couldn't find an easy way to use the triplet notes in 6/8 time.


Well, you *could* export it to MIDI, then use a MIDi sequencer to alter the time signature and do any other fixup you need, then save and reimport the MIDI file. Depending on the length of the piece and your experience with such matters, that's either easier or harder than re-entering it.

Yes, I've had this problem many times. And it's a lot more painful than just re-entering some eighth notes. There are all the grace notes that get blown away by deleting the triplet, as well as the chord symbols, and so on.

And while there is no sensible complete conversion between triplets and eighths, there is a simple software solution that can get you most of the way there without forcing you to re-enter everything. You simply convert the first two of the three triplet notes to eights. That's it. Any grace notes, chord symbols, and any other dependencies all are preserved. And then if there's any further editing required, that can be done by hand.


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