• Apr 17, 2017 - 11:36


I have a score with different tempo in it. it starts with a Quarter note with a dot is 116. This is not a problem to note in Musescore but then the tempo changes to a Quarter note with a dot is a Quarter note.

is there a way to note this in musescore ?



Metric modulations will be available in the next major version,until then you'd have to create them manually and set the right tempo on them

The easiest way to do what Jojo suggested is to set the tempo dotted 1/4 note = 80 (the default) and then copy the 1/4 note (without dot) and paste it on top of the 80. Then look at the tempo in the inspector and uncheck follow text and adjust the tempo appropriately. BTW the tempo would be 174.

A dotted quarter = a quarter means that instead of (say) 4 beats of dotted quarters in a bar of 12/8 counted at 116 swipes of the conductors' baton per minute we now have 4 beats of ordinary quarters in 4/4 and the swipe durations are the same timewise.

When writing the tempo as text (music note symbol = nnn) and the "Follow text" option is selected in Inspector, the tempo is 116 for BOTH sections.

But, if you enter the beats per minute directly into Inspector then it's 174 for the former (there are 174 quarter notes for every 116 dotted quarter notes) and 116 for the latter.

Confusion can arise when we talk of a "beat" as referring to the counts per bar as indicated by the conductor's baton, steps in a march etc. and "Beats Per Minute" as referred to in MIDI standards which references only quarter notes.

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