How to install latest version from git in the home directory?

• Nov 9, 2012 - 20:34

Hello everybody,

I'd like to say that I discovered MuseScore not long ago, and I'm still getting to know it better each day. It's a pretty nice piece of free software, and I'm very glad it's being actively developed and with a growing community. Congratulations to those who had the initiative and that each day help to make this happen.

Although it's very good, there are some missing features that I need (for instance, being able to play mordenti or arpeggios across two voices), that's why I want to install the development version from git to my home directory. But at the same time, (as it is very unstable) keep the stable one.

I have been able to compile and install it with the instructions found in this website, but I want to install it to my home directory, and keep at the same time the stable version in the system.

I'm still a little noob at git and at GNU/Linux systems in general, so I don't know exactly how to do it. I have an idea, but as there is no .configure file and I know very little about the subject, it's beyond my possibilities.

Can please anybody help?

Thank you

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