How do I create harp placing brackets?

• Nov 5, 2012 - 19:46


Placing brackets tell a harpist where to put their fingers so as to play the next two to four notes. It looks like a "[" bracket, rotated 90 degrees, over (or under) the notes, with fingerings attached. I get the impression that they are primarily used by beginners.

Here is a blog article with music to practice that talks about the brackets:

Here are a couple of sheet music snippets showing the brackets.

Can I make them in MuseScore, and if so, how?



Use a single line of the palette "Lines".

Click on the line and in the "Line properties"" check "hook" at the beginning and the end. The positive value adjust the length of the hook downwards and negative upwards..
To orient line double click it "handles" appear and can be moved with the up and down keys ( only = 1 space, + Ctrl = 1/10 space or + Alt = 1/100 space ( this is valid for all the elements you want to move )) . You can also move the "handles" with the mouse.

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You can do it with the 2.0 of course.

1) Add the simple line (Lines palette)
2) Right-click -> Line properties
3) Tick "Hook" twice "Begin" and "End", with the values you wish, 0.50 sp, or 1.00 etc.-> Ok
First result:
4) Now, in Inspector: Tick "Allow diagonal"
5) For edition, double-tick on the line for the placement you prefer with the handles
Final result:
Of course, it's recommanded then to place this new line in the palette for reuse.

EDIT: and if you want the inverse result for the hooks: choose in Line properties negative values for these hooks: -0,50 sp or -1.00 sp and so on.

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HI Marc,

SUCCESS! After I upgraded to 3.1 it works! Fabulous.

Next question: I am trying to change the font for the tempo marks. I go to format>style>text style>tempo. I choose my text style and press ok. It does not change. I go back to change it and it says the name of the style I chose but that is still not the font actually on my page. Pointers?

I am using Musescore 4.2.1.xxxx and I cannot find any way to add hooks to lines. I have followed these instructions as well as others and I don't see any hooks on the "Line Properties" page. Has anyone determined how this works in Musescore 4.2.1.xxxx?

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