Include more shortcuts - 5 quick options

• Nov 3, 2012 - 19:50
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

We have several shortcuts already assignable - which is great.
But what about operations in the GUI that have no shortcut?

In particular, line breaks, page breaks, and spacers need shortcuts, as well as changing the chord to small note or stemless. That will save time - rather than having to open a dialog to change it. I'm not suggesting getting rid of the dialog, just adding a keyboard shortcut option so it can be assignable via the Shortcuts in Preferences.


Line breaks has already have shortcut. Select a barline, press Return. Adding one for Page break could be a good exercice to understand this part of the code.

Dude - that's awesome. Thanks for the quick shortcut.
Just to do this in list form... much easier to reply to and maintain I guess.

1) line breaks -- {Return/Enter} -- already in
2) page breaks
3) spacers
4) chord property to small note
5) chord property to stemless
6) Invisible toggle ON/OFF

Thanks for your quick reply!

Awesome - thanks so much.
Just because I'm new - sorry - is there a schedule of intended new releases I can reference?
I'm excited to check out 2.0 :-).

Also in 2.0 - "V" to toggle visibility. Spacers, I don't think so, but even in 1.X, ou can add frames via shortcuts.

No official schedule yet on 2.0, but I imagine we must be getting to be within a few months of an alpha?

@CompleteMusician It's better to avoid long discussion on the issue tracker. If you are not aware of 2.0, it's better to discuss feature requests in the forum. A good starting point for shortcuts in the code is actions.cpp.