Linux users help please

• Apr 10, 2017 - 21:02

How do I download the latest Musescore version for Linux please?

I am using Linux Mint xcfe 17.01 - a live version on a USB stick

The software centre only appears to download a earlier version.

When I go to the download page, do I click on the 'appleimage', 'distribution packages', or community packages'

I did click the 'appleimage' link, ad downloaded the file, but Linux Mint requeste that i open it with 'other' software...

Now I'm stuck

Thanks in advance



I believe the appimage (not apple; app stands for application) is what you want. You probably need to set it to be executable first, then it should run.

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You need to enable execute permissions. Linux already knows it is an executable filetype, it just needs to be given permission. How to do that depends on your window manager. Probably right click the file, some sort of properties menu, and set the execute permission. If you know the command line, I think it's chmod +x filename.

However, it is now not installed- it's not in my menus :-(

I have rebooted the OS

I did also use 'persistance' when creating the live USB stick...

Many thanks.

just to let you know I haven't been able to try it yet unfortunately.... something happened in work...


So I will be trying it soon.... let you know how it goes..

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