Changing Time Signature of a Score

• Oct 26, 2012 - 23:58

Okay, I had a score written in 6/4 time. I wanted to see how it would look in 3/4 time. I could find nothing about how to change the time signature of a score in the docs, in the how-to here at the site, or in the forum going back four months. I also poked through all the menus available to see if it was somehow hidden and overlooked by the documentation.

I tried dragging the 3/4 on top of the 6/4, and while that sort of worked, it also chopped off about half the notes, making them disappear.

I came up with a work-around by doing a select all, cutting all the notes, dragging the 3/4 onto the 6/4, appending measures to make twice as many, and finally pasting the music back.

Is there a more elegant way to change time signatures that I've missed?

Thanks for putting up with my newbie questions.



Your workaround sounds about right. By default, MuseScore assumes measures stay put when you change time signature, and probably around half the time, that's the right answer. But the other half, you want notes to reflow through the barlines to form new measures. So cut/paste gives you that option. I believe this changes for 2.0.

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Halftime is just a quick, crude plugin I wrote that halves the duration of notes and writes to a new score in 4/4. It doesn't respect time signature changes (too difficult) but you can create another score in whatever time signature you like and copy and paste the notes back into that.

If you want to keep the notes' durations unchanged but change the time signature then you can just copy straight from one time signature to another but if you simply try to change time signatures where there are already notes written then that is when problems arise with either notes being lost or unwanted space appearing.

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