SoundFont for Glass Harmonica?

• Apr 9, 2017 - 03:35

Is there a SoundFont for a Glass Harmonica? Because I need a SoundFont that "ACTUALLY" sounds like a Glass Harmonica. I know that the Fluid, GeneralUser, etc SoundFonts have the Instrument Preset called "Bowed Glass", which "DOESN'T" even "SOUND CLOSE" to a Glass Harmonica in MuseScore. The closest Glass Harmonica Sound that I can find is from the Yamaha XG Sound Set, the Preset "BowedPad" kind of sounds close to a Glass Harmonica Sound.

Here are some example projects that have to do with this question. The Aquarium from Saint-Saens's Carnival of the Animals in MIDI and .Ogg Format (Links), and with different SoundFonts rather than the Yamaha one. You may NOT here the Glass Harmonica part at all in some of the SoundFonts, but a little bit in the Glissandos or Something. Some of these SF2s may NOT sound good, but oh well. (Even the Glass Harmonica/Bowed Glass/Pad part is kind of Highlighted a little bit). Also the .mscz file of "Memory from Cats", which also has a Glass Harmonica part here. (You will need to use "Audacity" to open up the .Ogg files).

The Instruments in the MIDI file are the "ORIGINAL" ones that Saint-Saens wrote and how performers should perform this.

Here are the Links to the Audio Files, and a link to the .mscz file:…………………

The Attachment below is the MIDI file of the Aquarium Movement.

Let me know if you all have found some Glass Harmonica SoundFonts!

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