Assigning Custom Note Properties

• Oct 26, 2012 - 03:52

I'm looking to edit multiple notes through an entire staff.

Basically I want to right click on a note (this case middle C, bring up note properties


Then ideally use a plugin to set all matching middle C notes to a custom marker/variable.


Then go back and right click that note, select more, and then instead of



Element "Note" being the only available option you could have the variable/note you set earlier to replace the "default" note Element type which would all you to go and then mass edit a piece.

Right now I'm transcribing a piece written poorly on a treble/bass clef setup that is meant to be played by 4 hands and the built in "Split Staff" is just not cutting it. It never has. It always removes way too many notes.

The plugin wouldn't even need to be integrated into the current muse GUI. Even a script where you could specify behind the scenes which note in which staff to manipulate (select all, delete all, copy to the built in muse "copy" function would be more than enough.

Has anyone tried tackling this? Somewhat of a work around to improve the split staff function which isn't a simple 3 click procedure but would add a ton of functionality.

Any help is appreciated

- mmueller07

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