Windows installer: taskbar icon not updated in 2.2

• Apr 7, 2017 - 15:19
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When you install 2.1-RC the icon on the taskbar is not automatically replaced. It turns into a blank piece of paper. The icon no longer points to MuseScore and gives an error when clicked.



Well, I) believe it is the 2.0 Icon, that got orpahned. Once clicked it tells that is not pointing anywhere and asks whether you want to remove. Then start 2.1 and do a right-click/pin to Task bar is needed to get it back.
At least that is what I saw and did on Windows 7

As a bit of side-info, you might not be able to get this completely correct.
Skype (which is now owned by MicroSoft as well) updated this week for me and the end result was it removed the pinned shortcut (because otherwise pointing to invalid location), but it didn't add a new one..

Same thing happens in 2.1 final release. Is jeetee correct that it's a Microsoft problem that prevents it? I've never had a program not properly update the taskbar icon before. I simply pinned the desktop icon to the task bar, but this really should be automatic.

mike, not sure yet what causes it. I didn't have time to further investigate before 2.1 but am learning WiX (the toolset used to generate the installer) currently.

How else would you normally be setting up the taskbar icon? To my knowledge, neither MuseScore nor most other programs set up such a button automatically, although maybe there is an option for that I simply have never noticed. Usually when I install a program, it has no taskbar icon until I *run* the program, at which point the icon appears, and I can then right click and select "Pin to taskbar" if I like. That's exactly what I did with MuseScore 2.1 and it worked as it normally does for me, although my system is probably in a different state from your since I also have various development as well as nightly builds installed.

Most programs put a icon on the task bar. Perhaps it's because the give you the option to do so. Some programs put it there without asking, so I delete it if I don't want it. If there is one already there they don't undo it. 2.1 is in the exact same location as 2.1-RC was, there is no reason it should be disabled during install, especially if it doesn't know it was there in the first place. I probably put the icon there back when I installed 2.0.x when I did that upgrade, but both 2.1-RC and 2.1 were put into the same path and both disabled the icon, this doesn't make sense.

I made this a minor priority because it is just a small nuisance that can be easily fixed by the user but the results are not what anyone would expect. BTW, when I installed 2.1-RC I had a nightlies icon on my taskbar that was not affected by the upgrade, so all of the other icons on your desktop would not be expected to be affected either.

Hmm. I guess this to me is expected, it's what I always remember seeing after major updates: old icons are removed, I need to re-establish new ones. But again, most of my experience is pre-Windows 10, so maybe that's not the norm any more.

Title Windows installer: taskbar icon not updated in 2.1-RC Windows installer: taskbar icon not updated in 2.2
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Actually, had the same experience when installing 2.2 over 2.1 on Windows7 (which makes sense as we haven't addressed this yet).
The pinned icon from 2.1 becomes blanked out and doesn't work anymore.

Yes, on Windows 7 it has (in taskbar, not tray). On Windows 10 I'm using the App Store version and there it has the too small icon, Haven' checked the msi version of Win10