"Clear" button in "Enter Shortcut Sequence" .ui is not clear.

• Apr 2, 2017 - 23:42

When I look at this clear button:

Screenshot at 2017-04-02 18-23-54.png

It is not "Clear" (pardon the pun) what exactly it does. It appears on the same row as Add & Replace, but Add & Replace operation will define the resulting new list of shortcuts. However, the Clear button here only clears the new shortcut list that is currently being inputted.

I think that some QGroupBoxs would easily clear this up:


Ok, my mockup drawing skills are horrible. But the point is that if the Clear button was inside the New shortcut QGroupBox, then it would be clear to be understood that pressing clear would clear the New Shortcut.


Agreed. While we're at it, it's always bugged me that you have to click in the box again before you can enter another shortcut after hitting Clear. But we do have to be careful we don't mess up the keyboard accessibility of this dialog.

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