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I'm new to the program but i like it very mutch. I made a score with multiple instruments. Now i want to disable one intrument for playback. Is this posable ? and if yes how ?



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thank you very mutch.

I think that the main problem i have is that not all function are included in the menubar.

But i'm reading the manual and find more "hidden"functions

Thanks again

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Welcome aboard.
Yours seems an unusual request for a score writing app, where most users need to see precisely where they are in a score, and which notes/chords are executed during playback.
If you wish to view the score without seeing the pointer move over the notes, you can export as a sound file; then play that sound file in your media player while viewing the score in MuseScore.
(So... don't press the 'play' button in MuseScore - that way the moving pointer won't appear.)

Conversely, you can export as a pdf file, then view the pdf while the score plays in MuseScore. See:


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it's not that strange question. I use musescore to praktise my drum scores ofr my marching band. when i get a new score it's fine that the pointer is ont he notes. But when i know the score the pointer is to easy. I need to know where we are on hearing. So thats why i want to turn off the pointer during playback.

I seem to have lost my pointer, it starts at the top but when the second part of the page should show the pointer it does not move, so I still see the start of the page while the pointer is actualy already on the second or third page... does anybody knows how to turn it back on so I can sing the text that goes with the music over different pages ??? thanks

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