Parts with multi-measure rests at beginning of piece do not "print" tempo markings.

• Mar 30, 2017 - 14:01

In parts that are extracted from a score and start with a multi-measure rest, the tempo markings do not appear. Do I need to split the multi-measure rest into a single measure followed by a multi-measure rest to have the tempo appear?


It should indeed work right out of the box in any version of MuseScore. Be sure you have added actual tempo markings and not used staff text. If you continue to have trouble, do attach your score so we can see what might be happening.

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It's unnecessary to have 2 tempo marks. Just use the Allegro and in the inspector uncheck follow text and set the tempo to 132. If you don't do this, what tempo do you expect MuseScore to use? They're both on the same spot and MS doesn't care that one is invisible.

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