Updating preferences with AppImage

• Mar 27, 2017 - 14:35

I've just downloaded MuseScore 2.0.3 AppImage and installed it according to the instructions on the web site. That has moved (copied actually) the AppImage into ~/.local/bin and has linked the *.mscz files to the binary so clicking on them opens MuseScore OK. However I don't seem able to update the preferences. I can select Edit/Preferences and make changes OK but the changes don't stick. When you close MuseScore they revert to the defaults. The only ones that haven't reverted are the locations of the various files. I moved the MuseScore2 folder from ~/Documents to ~/Music and changed the addresses in Preferences and those have changed but anything else I have tried to change simply reverts when you close MuseScore and reopen it.

That seems to be a problem as you should be able to change the preferences. Is there something I'm missing here?

I'm running Linux Mint 17.3

Geoff Walker



I have added the ppa and installed from there but still Preferences won't update permanently and I have found that updating the file locations doesn't work either.

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Yes to all those. Several times. I've tried both pressing "Apply" then "OK" and just "OK". Just pressing OK in most programs is sufficient to change the settings. Yes then closing and reopening Muse Score and every time it just reverts to the defaults.

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Not sure, but could it be, that there are no user writing permissions in the folder, the config files are saved, on Linux Mint? Could try it as administrator (open terminal, "su", then enter, enter passwort, then run "mscore")?

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Sorry for the delay replying. I ran MuseScore as root like you suggested and it worked and the updates I made were accepted so at least I can now update my preferences as I like them. However, it's not entirely satisfactory.

It's a puzzle because I initially installed MuseScore from the Mint repository and at the time, it was v1.3. I was able to update my preferences in that OK so it seems odd that I have to run as root to update my preferences in v2.0. Could this be a bug as normally software arranges it so that you can update your preferences without running as root? Many programs install configuration files as dot files in the home directory - often in ~/.local/Share.

I've actually uninstalled, cleaned out the system of unwanted files, updated and upgraded the Software, purged and reinstalled MuseScore 2 twice to try and get round the problem with no success.

I think I need to ask about this in the Linux Mint help forum and see if there's a way of dealing with this.

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Not sure, if it's helps:

With "ls -l" you'll see the permissions for a file or a folder (to check if something is unusual in your MuseScore folders (especially the config folder).
With "chmod u+x" or "chmod a+x" and name of a file or a folder you can give user writing permissions.

Note: At moment I can't imagine/confirm that's a bug of the AppImage. In fact I'm using 2.0.3 on OpenSuse Leap with a package for this distribution, but I run sometimes also the AppImages of the development versions, without any problems with writing permissions.

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