stems of beamed notes are flying

• Sep 27, 2012 - 03:10
S4 - Minor

GIT commit: fc1dd50

- create a piano music score
- add two 8th notes on treble staff
- select second note, move it to bass staff

expect: the beam should look like
actual: the beam looks like:


I see this has now been fixed. Thanks.

As the latest nightly build is for a revision before commit of the fix I haven't tested on Windows (it's too much effort to set up a build environment in Windows) but I have built the latest revision on Linux and it does resolve the problem for me there.

Ah yes, sorry. My comment was too general.

In fact I'm not sure why these two bugs were put together as they have different symptoms so the cause was likely to be different. The one which has been fixed affected stem length only (and only one per group) the remaining problem in addition to being seen on Mac OS (which the fixed one wasn't) affects all notes in the group and the position of the beam as well as the stem length.

It does seem to be similar in that it affects the cross staff beam in the same way but it's interesting that it doesn't happen with the mscz file, only the xml file.

I can reproduce the problem with the same revision (fdd8040 - which is still the latest) on OS X 10.6.8, Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) and Windows 7 64 bit. I exported the xml file independently on each platform.