4 or 5 Inconsolable Preludes

• Sep 26, 2012 - 23:32

Of course this sounds better with me playing it at the piano with the right weights and emphasis and phrasing but I wanted to have what ive done so far in print .Lazy today so didn't get everything I have written so far one piece is inspired by Sabatella 's fine harmonies . anyway -all of these wont be finished for at least another month. the one with the repeated c's came to me in just a few minutes so it is going to get revised.simplicity isnt all that simple or fine .still working on my 2 violin concerti no1and no.3 No.2 doesn't have a violin part or any real themes yet my poor piano concerto ad the idea for 2nd will be a long tim e before i engrave them!I'm so busy all ovr the place with this music I dont even practice anymore. SAD!

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I really love what you have so far of Inconsolable Prelude 5. I want to learn to play it - that's the kind of love I mean.

Hope you have time to work on it soon. It's really very appealing.

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