System/staff spacing not adjusting for lyrics in voices 2, 3, or 4

• Mar 20, 2017 - 18:19
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S3 - Major

Staves and systems do not readjust as lyrics are added to any voice other than voice 1. The attached simple example shows what happens if I make two verses for voice 2 in a two-staff system. In fact there is no adjustment of staff spacing even when the first verse is added. See the attached files. But if I add lyrics to voice 1, staff spacing adjusts properly as verses are added.

Similarly, adding lyrics to voices 3 and 4 results in no space adjustment (same as for voice 2).

I notice the same problem even if there is only one staff per system.

Note I previously posted issue #181176 which had to do with spacing of multiple lines of lyrics. That issue now appears to be resolved (thanks, Werner!); it is the spacing of the music staves, not the lyrics lines, that is currently a problem.

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I just added some code to handle lyrics in voices > 0 better. IMHO it does not make much sense to associate lyrics with voices. So this is experimental and might be removed in the future.

It makes a LOT of sense to associate lyrics with voices. The classical literature is full of polyphonic music where different voices are singing different words at different times. (Canons, fugues, etc.) The simple example I provided in my post is an example -- The words clearly need to go with the voice that is moving in quarter notes, voice 2. Voice 1 might be instrumental, or might have its own set of words that go with the half notes (in which case those words would need to be positioned in a different way).

In fact what would be most helpful (now we are getting in the realm of feature requests) is the ability to associate lyric placement above/below the line with specific voices so that voice 1 lyrics could be above and voice 2 below. I can do this in a clumsy way now, entering the lyrics for the first voice, selecting them, and entering "above" in placement in the Inspector, then entering the lyrics for voice 2. Alternatively, by entering lyrics for both voices, then selecting a lyric for voice one, right-clicking, choosing select -> more -> same voice, and then enter "above" in placement. But it would be most helpful is if this behavior could be set up in the format/general style page before entering lyrics.

By the way, MuseScore 2.03 already spaces staves properly for lyrics in voices other than voice 1.

And also by the way the most recently posted download of 3.0 for Mac, a0c1234, behaves no differently than the previous version, i.e. still no change of spacing for lyrics in voice 2. So I would guess (hope) that your experimental change has not yet made it into a downloadable build.

Status (old) active fixed

With Werner's changes the spacing seems to adjust the same now for all voices-- thank you! (And, the adjustment seems to be pretty much the same as in 2.03). I will therefore mark the status as
"fixed". The spacing was OK in 3.0 back in November, so I am somewhat curious how/why it got changed in between. And hoping it will stay OK going forward.