"To coda" not jumping in spite of "D.S. al coda", "segno" and "coda" all in place

• Sep 23, 2012 - 15:32

The "to coda" mark is simply not jumping to the coda in spite of a "segno", a "D.S. al coda" and a "coda" all being in place and according to the respective properties all set up properly. Exactly as shown in the video.

What happens is that having gone back to the "segno" mark to continue, the "to coda" mark is ignored and run over.

What then happen is that all bars after the "to coda" mark are played. This will eventiually even get to the coda.

I am using 1.2, revision 5470., on Win XP SP3.

This bug has been reported even back in 2009. Even very simple cases set up to test this bug do not work according to spec. Several people have already furnished you with examples displaying this problem.

Has support been discontinued for the free version?


There is no non-free version. Support never ceased. Version 1.2, however, won't received bug fixes anymore, all development effort goes into 2.0.
Try the nightly build and if you can reproduce the problem there, report it in the issue tracker with exact steps how to reproduce and, if possible, a sample score.

I do seem to recall a bug involving playback of these marking is the segno occurs on a measure that has a repeat, or something like that. And yes, that was reported some time ago, and as far as I know, was also fixed quite a while ago - but only in the "trunk", meaning the fix won't appear until the next major version (2.0). If you don't feel like installing a nightly build to see for yourself if your particular case is fixed, feel free to post your score here and one of us can test for you.

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I've had this problem lots of times. But if you want a score to test with, use the attachments from this post. It behaves exactly as my scores do. After the segno or capo jump it just doesn't find the To Coda mark.

I love to use MuseScore when I teach my students the repeat signs, 1st and 2nd voltas and all that stuff. Sadly, at the point when I add the D.S. al Coda thing, the playback doesn't work anymore. Well, only my laziness has prevented me from testing the nightly builds for this particular cause.

I tested my piece in latest nightly version of 2.x. No problem with coda but the entire program hang after a while. I had however time to see that the coda markings in imported file from 1.2 displayed mixed in the new version. So, it it just a question of putting the coda jump marks somehow mixed to get it working properly in version 1.2?


I am new to MuseScore and got a problem with the Coda and Segno issue! So I went into the MuseScore forum and found this thread and let´s say I was dissappointed since this problem seemed to be bigger than I wanted to know! It would actually been better if it was just my lack of skills in MS that would´ve created the problem than a bug...

I got a few questions and a request!

1. Is this problem fixed?
2. Is there any work arounds here that don´t crave that you gotta have scripting capabilities?

I wonder if there´s anyone who are willing to take a look at my arrangement to see if it is something that can be done to fix the problem that actually ignores the Segno and D.S. al coda etc...


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Yes, you should always post the score when you are having a problem, and someone will almost always be willing to help see if there is something you are doing run or if you are running into a bug. DS / Coda playback *does* work in general if you create them correctly, although there are indeed a few special cases where bugs currently prevents them from playing back correctly. I believe some of these have already been fixed for the next version.

I say this a lot, but do be aware that the primary purpose of MuseScore is the notation itself. not the playback. So it will likely always be the case there are aspects of the playback that might not be as you'd prefer. If your main goal is to get the best playback you can, you are always better off sending your score to another program (eg, via MIDI) that specializes in playback as opposed to notation.

I had this same problem when arranging a piece. I struggled with figuring out the playback issue with the Coda as well.

I figured out that you need to put a "section break" where you want the piece to jump back to once its jumped back to the beginning. If that makes any sense.
to coda.png

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I have the same problem with the latest version.
Before entering chord symbols, text and other final adjustments it worked well.
When playback reaches D.S. al coda it goes directly to coda (located in the next measure), not to segno (5th measure).
Replacing the segno/coda signs and voltas as well does not help the problem.

I'm not sure what triggered the malfunctioning but I'm sure it's a bug, because:
When I copy and paste all notes into a new score, and newly place the voltas + segno/coda signs at second step, it works well again.
After adding a few chord symbols it's still working.

In the original score I probably did something wrong that broke up the playback flow. But what?

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