Chord symbols don't parse double accidentals?

• Mar 19, 2017 - 12:24

Double accidentals don't seem to parse in chord symbols.

Is it this (closed) bug?: #40091: Double flat / double sharp not treated correctly in chord symbols

Using MuseScore 2.1 Nightly Build fee488e - Mac 10.11.6.


Seems to work on v2.1 nightly 858a105 on windows 10

I went into chord entry mode and successfully added chords such as f## and Bbb which replaced the double symbols with the correct ones. I also used such things as maj, min, 7 and 9 with success. Here are examples of what I get


For some reason there seems to be extra space after the double accidentals.

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Hmm, reviewing it now, it seems to only affect scores produced in versions prior to series 2.

1. Open attached score (produced in 1.3).
2. 'Notes'>'Transpose...'.
3. Choose 'A major'.
4. 'OK'.

Expected result: C(double sharp)7.
Chord symbols in 1.3 score don't render correctly - Expected result.png

Actual result: C##7.
Chord symbols in 1.3 score don't render correctly - Actual result.png

Using MuseScore 2.1 Nightly Build 3523f8f - Mac 10.11.6.

The problem might be that it's parsing, but not rendering? Another example: If you type Cx, it parses two hash characters.

I'm thinking of previously-filed issues relating to import of chord symbols (such as this: #29246: Unrecognized chords containing special characters in 1.3 scores rendered as markup).

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First: "parsing" refers to what happens when you *type* a chord symbol. So saying the double sharp doesn't "parse" correctly means when you *type* the string "x" into a chord symbol (obviously, using a current version), you don't get a double sharp. Sounds like you are now syaing this is *not* the case - that is, there is no problem with parsing. That is, if you type "x" (or "##" while entering a chord symbol in 2.1 it is parsed correctly and turns into a double sharp sign upon completion - correct? At least, with a score created in 2.0.

Assuming so, let's talk about your score. The problem is that uses ancient chord description files that do not contain information about the rendering of double sharps. You'd need to go to Style / General / Chord Symbols, then update them to a more current chord description file by selecting the "Standard" or "Jazz" options, in order to get them to take advantage of the improvements in 2.0. But then it should work fine, whether we are talking about typing new chords or transposing existing ones.

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