Contrabass Clef sign and sound

• Jun 1, 2009 - 17:24


Suddenly in this version, when I select the contrabass as the instrument, the clef sign has an 8 underneath, which I guess means "sounds an octave lower" and rather than the plucked bass sound I used to get it is now an arco bass sound - this is not useful for me as I want a plucked bass sound for jazz, and I used to get it.

Can you tell me why this been changed?


The MIDI sound changed from "Acoustic Bass" to "Contrabass". This is a good change because it is a better sound for typical orchestra works which uses contrabass. For the more jazz and popular bass sounds check out the guitar section. At the moment the Bass guitar has the wrong MIDI sound but I will make sure it has the "Acoustic Bass" sound before the next prerelease (it currently uses "Nylon guitar"). In the upcoming prerelease you will also be able to change MIDI sounds from the mixer (see the "sound" heading of Change and adjust sounds )

With respect to the 8 above or below the clef for many of the instruments, this is a bad change that I have been meaning to fix for a while. I will definitely fix this before the next stable release.

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