rests not placed correctly

• Sep 17, 2012 - 02:54
S4 - Minor

Hard to come up with a meaningful title, but the effect is easy to see:

1) create blank score for Piano
2) click default whole rest in any measure
3) press 5

Expected result: whole rest is turned in two quarter rests and a half rest, nicely spaced

Actual result: rests are spaced very very badly - they don't even line up with notes in other staves if present

WIndows 7, nightly build 9-15 (0439920)


May I also add (in case it is related) there are times when the rests are out of order - meaning that if you press 6 on a whole rest lets say, the first half rest is displayed on top of or after the second rest - making them appear as if the first rest is second, and the second rest is firt.

I would bet it is the same issue. Depending on the layout - what else was on the same line, whether notes were present in another staff or another voice, etc, I was seeing very different bad rest spacing. I have no trouble believing that would manifest as overlap in some cases.

Sometimes I end up with too many rests in a measure, which could be a manifestation of the same thing. Usually there is an extra whole rest along with other notes and rests. It seems impossible to select or delete the extra rests. Sometimes it acts as though there is an invisible extra note in the measure. Here is an example:
or even worse:
I can not even delete all the extra rests to get back to an empty measure with just the whole rest.
(Version 1.2, revision 5470)

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Downloaded Nightly 2012-11-14 and it is somewhat better:
The old measure got split into two, the first containing all the quarter and eighth rests and the second containing a whole rest. I was able to insert the notes I wanted into the second measure. But that still leaves the measure containing 3.5 beats worth of rests, and the clef for the new line comes in the wrong place. And there are a few other measure on the line that contain spurious whole rests.

I started with an imported MusicXML file generated by Cakewalk Sonar X2. Attached. As X2 is just out, there could be problems in their export, but MuseScore did not complain at the time.

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Since v2 does (supposedly) check the XML, it would appear to be OK, but something is amiss.

Finale 2011 loads it OK. I've attached the result.

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