Adjacent notes appear on the same side of stem when adding another

• Sep 16, 2012 - 22:19

GIT commit: b9984ff

Notes close to each others in a chord, like a G and an A, normally separate by flipping one of them to the right so they don't turn into a blob. When having such a chord and inserting another G, the A is turned to the left, merging to this blob thing. Hard to explain, but easy to reproduce:

  1. create a pitch staff
  2. hit n followed by g to insert a g
  3. hit shift+a to insert an a
  4. hit shift+f and move it with the arrow up until it stacks with one of the others.

Now you will see only two notes, but they are merged to a blob instead of display correctly. I've attached a figure to illustrate the problem.

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I found a way to work around this. If your notes turn into a blob, select one of them and press shift+x to flip it.

But I still consider this a bug.

I wrote the git commit I was using, b9984ff, however I can easily reproduce it using a commit from this morning (cdb41fd). Using Ubuntu 12.04.

Confirmed bug under Windows 7 32-bit, MS 2.0 git a97e17e. I reported something similar sometime ago when you used to be able to enter multiple of the same notes (i.e. multiple G's) using the keyboard and the stacking changes (confuses?) the chord display rules.

You can't enter the same notes using mouse, and now you can't with keyboard either, but you can do this with altering the pitch using the arrow keys. There has to be some way to avoid having the exact same notes on top of each other, or some other way to display them.

Me too. Here's a score demonstrating it. The first chord shows what it looks like after entering the three notes but before moving the F up. The second chord shows the result of hitting up arrow twice, moving the F on top of the other G.

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If you have a linked tab staff you can display stacked notes on different strings (and also edit them this way). This is useful for some cases (refer to the thread about tab editing with keyboard where a discussion has been going on for a while).

Edit: I've attached a figure of what I want to do (which is doable with shift+x flipping) and why I want to have stacked notes. This is for balalaika which is tuned A4 E4 E4.

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Title Notes close to each others in chord merge to a blob when adding another stacked note Adjacent notes appear on the same side of stem when adding another

Not really. It's still the case that a chord with and A and two G's not going to render "well" by default. The G's will be on opposite sides of the stem, the A will overlap. You'll need to decide how you want to resolve that (presumably by forcing the G's to the same side of the stem, even though normally you'd want unisons on opposite sides) and the A to the other side.

It would be *possible* to detect this case and do that automatically on the assumption it's "probably" what the user wants, but more trouble than it's worth, I think.