spacing of lyrics for multiple verses, and hairpin placement

• Mar 13, 2017 - 17:55
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The proper placement of lyrics lines for multiple verses broke some time between 2eb7be1 (Nov 14) and the end of February (and remains broken). Attached is a .mscz file created with the current Musescore 2.0.3, and pdf's from Musescore 2.0.3, nightly build 2eb7be1, and a current nightly build b519c87. The lyrics placement is consistent (and correct) for 2.0.3 and 2eb7be1, but the two verse lyrics lie almost on top of one another in b519c87. ( If I create a new score in b519c87 and enter first and second verses with the default line height (100%) I get the same wrong behavior.)

The second verse lyrics were created by clicking on first-verse lyrics then pressing "enter"; I get same result by clicking on first verse lyrics and pressing (on mac) command-L.

Also the treatment of hairpins (crescendo, diminuendo) has problems as well -- the hairpins created in 2.0.3 look fine with 2eb7be1, but are misplaced and have the added text "cresc" and "dim" in b519c87. (Hairpin placement was wrong in a different way with an intermediate build, 53d4ad2, I tried in December).

Final point: If the lyrics verse spacing WERE working properly there might be occasion where I would want to decrease it below the default, but in the current release I can't decrease the line height below 100%.

GIT commit: b519c87


Further update: the lyrics placement behavior is even more strange if one moves lines of lyrics. I created a test in 2.0.3 where I wanted to have lyrics for one voice above the staff, lyrics for the other below the staff. So I first entered lyrics (two verses) for voice one, then dragged those to above the staff, then entered two verses of lyrics for voice 2 below the staff. Saved the results. Opened with 2eb7be1; all was well; opened with b519c87, and the lyrics for the two verses of voice 2 (below staff) were almost on top of one another as reported earlier; the lyrics for the two verses of voice 1 (above staff) were stretched apart from one another. PDF's from 2.0.3 and b519c87, along with the .mscz file, are attached.

As a fix for the problem as previously reported I attempted to adjust the line height (to 400% !!) and then saved the style. If I set that style as default for imports in preferences, I find that it does nothing. If I attempt to load the style file via format/Load Style, MuseScore crashes.

An additional issue (annoyance): the General Style window can't be moved vertically; it (almost) always pops back to the top of the screen (Mac OS 10.11.6).

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I do not see a new master for 3.0 since b519c87, the version for which I reported the problem. At least that is the case for Mac OS. There do seem to be new builds for Windows and Linux.

The most recent 3.0 master (56e5b92) does NOT completely address the spacing issues I raised in my posts from March 13. Multiple verse lyrics now do not lie on top of one another, but second-verse words for treble clef lie on top of bass clef. See "twovoicelyrics" pdf's for comparison of results in Musescore 2.0.3 (looks same in November Musescore 3) and current nightly. A freshly created score in the current nightly has same problem. It looks like the clef spacing is not properly adjusting, and also both verses lyrics are too low.

The other problem I noted on earlier is treatment of hairpins -- unchanged since my earlier email. This applies to import from MuseScore 2; it looks like hairpins created in the current Musescore 3 nightly are OK. The hairpins are in the wrong place horizontally, and the text "cresc" and "dim" has been added to the original hairpins. See the "testlyrsimple" pdf's.

And finally, I am still having the problem that the "General Style" window can't be moved away from the top of the screen.

This is for MacOS 10.11.

Status (old) active fixed

RobFog posts "fixed" but there are no new nightlies for mac posted for 3.0 since the one I tested (56e5b92). Does "fixed" just mean fixed in the source code, not in a downloadable build?

Status (old) fixed active

I changed the status from "fixed" to "active" following your comment. And you now changed it back to "fixed".

Sorry, I missed that the default status seems to be "fixed", I didn't intentionally change it. Now I understand that this was the point of your previous post, not that my comment of earlier today had been addressed.

In the latest 3.0 nightly for mac, bcbe537, the problem I reported in this thread about hairpin import from 2.0.3 has been fixed (thank you!), but the problem about multiple-verse lyrics running into the next staff of a multi-staff system has not. Also the General Style menu still cannot be moved from the top of the screen.

I realize there is still a problem, which is that staves/systems do not adjust for lyrics added in any voice except voice 1. Since this is a rather different issue than the one I originally posted, I will start a new issue..

Status (old) active fixed

Starting a new comment for the staff/system spacing issue, I would say the problems I originally raised in this issue post are now fixed.