Version 9.4 Crash / File Crash when Opened

• May 29, 2009 - 06:36

When I download MuseScore Version 9.4 and try to open it, it will always crash when I see the logo pop up. It did this even after I tried reinstalling, rebooting, hard drive cleanings multiple times.
So, I tried installing a prerelease. When I tried opening the prerelease, after the logo popped up, before the actual composition interface popped up, an error appeared; it was the exact same error as:

Everything seemed normal at first, but every single one of my files worked except one, which happened to be my most recent file. When I try to open it, MuseScore crashes. The file is attached below. I am currently using MuseScore prerelease version r1552.

Please help me so that I may try using the most recent version, and so my song may work again on my computer. I believe that when you try opening it, it will work, because I believe the error I am getting is causing MuseScore to crash when I try opening the file.

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The Magic of John Williams 2.mscz 74.24 KB


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