preview instrument sound from instruments dialog

• Mar 10, 2017 - 17:07
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Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

Most of the developers and users of this software might already know what all the instruments sound like, but as a novice, I would really appreciate the ability to preview instruments from the instruments dialog. As is, if I'm not sure what I'm looking for, I have to add an instrument, close the dialog, add notes, play, go back to the dialog, delete the instrument, and try the next one -- which seems unnecessarily time consuming.


A link to a Musescore document I did that plays a short sample or preview of each instrument for all of the pitched percussion, keyboard, and electronic instruments in Musescore, so you can hear what all the instruments in those three categories sound like. Each measure is played by a different instrument and you can see the notes as they are being played as well as the instrument name. I also did one for wood wind instruments.

Also, I did 2 documents,, one to hear or preview all the Woodwind instruments, then the second document covers the free reed and brass instruments.... I managed to figure out a way to narrow it down to only seeing 2 - 5 staves instead of hundreds of staves that would've ran off the page for all the instrument parts, so it's less confusing and simple to you can see the notes as they are being played as well as the name of the instrument playing, so you can easily distinguish what instrument is playing. Hope it helps....

These 3 documents let you quickly and easily preveiew all the wood wind, free reed, brass, pitched percussion, keyboard, and electronic instruments play a sample of notes to hear a different instrument for every measure or two (the instruments with multiple staves play for 2 -3 measures instead of 1 measure)