3.0 - 3-3-2 rhythm input

• Mar 10, 2017 - 16:59

In MuseScore 2.0, I can input a 3-3-2 rhythm and keep it as it's written, instead of the program automatically inserting ties in 3.0. Because I use this rhythm extensively, I prefer to have this rhythm show as two dotted notes followed by an undotted note, instead of having ties. I'd like to see a feature to toggle how such rhythms show.

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This concerns me as well. I am not completely comfortable with the fact that 3.0 builds currently will "correct" your rhythms as you enter them. You can manually fix this - just click the note and change it into a dotted quarter - but it would be nice to enter this directly. I would really like to see an option provide to keep the current method. Also, it would be nice if this automatic respelling scheme paid attention to the beam properties in the time signatures dialog. not that you probably want to change the beaming of eighths, but if you *did* set it to 3+3+2, I'd expect the dotted quarters to follow suit.

here's another vote for keeping entered rhythms as entered for "normal" note entry. Especially since the respell command now exists.

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It's not the same in 2.1 - you can enter 3+3+2 (eg, dotted quarter, dotted quarter, quarter) just fine. It's just the regroup rhythms command that changes this, as it should, because 3+3+2 is not standard.

3.0 is different in that your rhythms are changed as you enter them, with no way to disable this as far as I know. To me, that is a bug - if there is to be a "auto-correct rhythm" feature, it should be possible to disable it.

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