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• Mar 7, 2017 - 22:56

Is there a way to not have these ".filename.mscz,"?
I don't think I need them and have looked in preferences,
ticked off "save every x minutes" to no avail.



Auto-save is something else. I highly recommend you don't disable that unless you enjoy risking losing all your work in the event of a crash.

The backups you are talking about are supposed to be hidden by default, so I guess you have enabled the option to show hidden files. They are also useful and I recommend simply ignoring them - maybe turn off the option to show hidden files in your Scores folders if you don't like seeing them.

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Already in the early Atari days I was told to keep two buttons on the keyboard dirty: Control and S. That's what I still do today. While I'm working; Control-s, once a minute. A habit that has made me rather insensitive to program crashes. In the event of a hard disc crash I won't be able to use ANY files. That's also the reason I always turn off auto save. Sometimes I experiment a little and want to be able to return to a certain stage, just to find that autosave has written over that stage behind my back, no thanks - the saving must be my decision.
Among the first things I do when installing a new OS is turning on viewing of all files and viewing of extensions. I want to see what's on my discs. Turning that off is not an option.
The 1000 plus files from Sibelius, and now MuseScore, are synced between four computers, I want them purged from since long unnecessary files, it's extra work having to do that manually.
But, of course, one could see it as a minor problem and I suppose what you are saying between the lines is that I can't get rid of that option?

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Like Xerus I sync my files into a cloud folder and share them with my fellow musicians.
I would prefer to keep these backups in general, but would like to specify a specific folder for them, so that they are not synced to the cloud.
(I use a portable MuseScore version)

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