Moving grace notes on score with linked staff causes crash

• Aug 26, 2012 - 15:01
S2 - Critical


1 Create guitar score with a pair of linked staves
2 Change one of the staves types to tablature
3 Insert crotchet
4 Drag grace note from palette to crotchet
5 Select grace note and press up or down arrow to move

If you save the file, close and re-open it the crash does not occur. Saving without closing it is not enough to prevent the crash.

This happens every time without fail but as it is happening as I work on a score rather than specific testing I am not sure whether all of the steps above are necessary to cause the crash (I will do some more testing when I have time over the next couple of days and update the information).

Musescore nightly build 7c7d7a3
Windows 7 64 bit



I neglected to set the priority to critical on the original post

I have done some simple testing.

The instrument is not relevant, the crash occurs for other instruments as well

The linked staff does not have to be tablature, a pair of linked pitched staves will also result in a crash.

Title Crash when moving grace notes Moving grace notes on score with linked staff causes crash

Confirmed - thanks :).

1. Create guitar score with linked staff.
2. Enable 'Note Entry'.
3. Enter note.
4. Disable 'Note Entry'.
5. Apply grace note to the note.
6. Drag the grace note, or move it via keyboard.

Result: Crash.

Discussion: The grace note doesn't have to be on the instrument with the linked staff.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (c20bda5) - Mac 10.7.4.