Adding an end/start repeat barline to score adds an end repeat barline to parts

• Mar 4, 2017 - 13:37
S4 - Minor

In a score with parts adding an end/start repeat barline (:||:) to score adds an end repeat barline (:|) to the parts, and vice versa.
Similar with changing an end repeat barline to an end/start repeat barline, it only changes where you apply it, but doesn't propagate.
If there is an end repeat barline and you add a start repeat barline to the next measure, this works and results in a an end/start repear barline in score and parts.

MuseScore 2.0.3, 2.1 3d0347f, Windows 7

Not in master, af9062701, though.


wow, I can confirm those cases.

Also if I drop a End/Start Repeat Barline to a regular Barline or to an End Repeat Barline to a part, then the other parts and the main score only get a End Repeat Barline.

But interestingly no bug happens if I first apply a Start Repeat Barline to main score or a part, and then drop an End/Start Repeat Barline ontop of it in a main score or a part, then the mainscore and parts properly change...

This seems consistent, adding an end/repeat barline does seem to touch the barline at the start of the nex measure. And the start repeat barline is a Special case anyway, as it is the onle that applies to the start of a measure (only), all other apply to the end of the measure. I guess in that special casing for the start repeat the end/start repeat got omitted, as needs to apply to the end of the current and the start or the next measure?

My understanding is that these repeat barlines are not first class elements anyhow, that they get generated from the repeat property on the measures themselves. And it looks like maybe this property is what is not being linked correctly - perhaps because it's "link" attribute is set to false in property.cpp?

I think in this special case there are 2 properties to be used, repeat end on the measure before that end start repeat and repeat start to the measure after and it seems the latter is missing

Right, to be clear: although the element is now back on the palette and can be added as a true barline type mid-measure, when used on a regular barlines, it continues to just set the repeat flags on the measures themselves. In other words, its effect should always be the same as adding the two barlines individually.

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